Ok so I don’t use Linux or run Jack in Blender (for syncing a DAW), and Blender doesn’t have the most basic sound feature (unless you count waveforms). Blender doesn’t show audio metering! Which is odd given how great the vision metering is!

Recently I knocked up an example of sound editing in the VSE, you can see it here:

But I wondered how you could I mix a variety of sounds together so that they all balanced out against each other while not exceeding the top most limit for digital audio, ie. 0db
Well I have a portable version of Audacity from here http://download.cnet.com/Audacity-Portable/3000-2170_4-10608458.html and I wondered if I could just pass my Blender mix through? Well it turns out that you can, you just need to check that your levels match between the 2 apps.

Play 0db media from Blender and line up the input value in Audacity to peak.

Play 0db media from Blender and line up the input value in Audacity to peak.


In this example I have Audacity running in the background with the mic button active for loop through. In the preferences I turned off overdub and loop through but checked that the input was from Stereo Mix not Mic. Then I dragged the meter bar out of the main window and resized it down the side. I shrank Blender up a bit I guess I could also overlap the Audacity output meter as it is inactive, we only want to see the input meter here. Once your mix is done, export it as a Blender Mixdown (see tutorial above) and import it into Audacity for a bit of compression, that is lifting the silent parts and squashing the lound parts automatically. This makes podcast conversation easier to listen to ;)